Overhaul & Repair Services

FINATEX offers overhaul & repair services.

While traditionally only focused on Dornier, we can offer overhaul and repair services also for Vamatex, Somet, Sulzer, Panther or other models. There may be some limitations and therefore, it is always good to contact us if we can help with a particular model you may have in mind.

In the past, we changed dobby machines over to Jacquard and vice versa. We shortened machines or changed the Gearbox configuration to better accommodate the desired outcome.
We upgraded machines, exchanged parts and components, changed the lubrication system and accumulated a lot of experience which mater machine settings are working excellent for specific technical fibers.
We have prepared machines for running

  • glass
  • kevlar
  • carbon
  • basalt
  • hybrids

Below is an example for an older model Dornier Weaving machine overhaul Service. The sequence shows the progress from a machine we bought from a mill and then stripped it down to later overhaul all necessary parts.

Please let us know what we can do for you!