Industrial Textiles

Since 1985, FINATEX offers services in weaving Technical Fibers. It started with repairing and overhauling Dornier Weaving machines, which were the predominant choice for technical fibers. 

Over time, FINATEX expanded to brokering used textile equipment, including rigging, repairing, installation and training. 

Since 2014, Finatex is also offering consultation and toll-processing in weaving and chopping technical Fibers. 

The most recent partnership with MMovetec in Germany, allows Finatex to offer additional services (sourcing, repairing, installing, training) when it comes to

  • various brands of weaving equipment, such as Vamatex, Panther, Sulzer, etc
  • various brands of warping equipment, such as Benninger, Hacoba, Hergeth, etc
  • coating technology
  • Specialty weaving
  • …plus any accessories related to the technical weaving industry. 

With a broad knowledge in Technical Fibers and how to process them efficiently, FINATEX can provide an “in depths” consultation to further aid companies in improving efficiency, productivity, quality and development of new materials. 

We have approx. 68,000 sf at our disposal for research & development, as well as offering toll-processing services. 

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