Industrial Chopping

FINATEX offers consultation and collaboration in chopping technical fibers.

We believe more and more applications allow to consider blended fibers, as well.

Over the past 30 years, many different technical fibers have been developed to optimize its applications. We do not only differentiate between glass, carbon, kevlar, basalt, etc. but also within these families, as there are yet again many differences.

Glass fibers are one of the most diversified, and their chemical formulas are altered based on requirements, such as

  • temperatures resistances
  • tensile strengths
  • specific chemical resistance
  • electrical conductivity
  • particular frp application
  • etc

FINATEX has been very involved in many of the technical fibers. Often a combination of various fibers can be interesting.

FINATEX can provide product development for chopped technical fibers. With our extensive experience, we may be able to shorten the learning curve and “rule out” or “rule in” certain fibers.

With us, customers can temporary or permanently outsource chopping of fibers.

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