Our Textile Background: 

Since 1985, FINATEX International (FINATEX) became well known and the “go-to” company for Dornier Weaving machine repair and overhaul services.

Over time, the services have been expanded to offering used textile equipment. Quite much was sold to ASIA, but also some of the equipment found new owners in the USA and some equipment was even imported from Europe (e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Italy etc), back to the USA.

In order to further expand our technical knowledge database, we created strategic alliances with experts in warping, weaving & coating. As a result, we are now in the position to also consult in other main brands, such as Sulzer, Vamatex, Somet, Panther, Benninger, Karl Mayer, Ontec, to mention a few.

This makes Finatex a “neutral” specialist when it comes to deciding about which brand to use for which application, in order to optimize the ROI.

Additionally, Finatex started offering sample weaving, contract weaving and private branding for technical fabrics. This provides the customers distinct advantages (see our weaving section).

With these services and not representing a particular brand, FINATEX is now in the position to offer neutral and unique opportunities to service and collaborate with domestic textile mills.

The owner, Rogier Cuylits, has over 30 year experience with glass fibers and various other technical fibers, such as Basalt, Kevlar and Carbon. This allows FINATEX to not only consult in the machinery aspect, but also to consult and support in the choice of Technical Fibers.


Finatex is offering full & semi-automatic packaging machinery. This equipment can often be paired with others and increase the level of automation, as well as the level of quality.


FINATEX offers used and new equipment for the laundry market and is now offering highly innovative and efficient folding & ironing equipment. Additional equipments are in discussion to “round up” a complete package of laundry machinery, offering choices for every size or type of business.

Our warehouse is located in Allendale SC, USA and has a capacity of 68,000 sf (approx. 6,300 sm); plenty of space for storage, product development and warehousing.