Towel Folder

S.Towel Air

About our new Towel folder

The S.Towel Air is a textile folder, capable to processing towels, fitted sheets, garments such as T-shirts, nightgowns, uniforms, hospital clothing and all other dried pieces up to a length of 94″.

The feeding conveyor can be adapted in height to make it suitable for short and tall operators.  The conveyor has been extended, resulting in a better grip for longer items.

The S.towel sorts automatically the various pieces based on length, consequently pre-sorting is not required.  Optionally, our Towel Folder can also sort based on width. This is advantageous in cases where pieces of the same length have different widths.

Once the pieces are folded, they are directed towards a dedicated and programmable stacker station.  As soon as the required pieces/ stack are piled up, the stack is put on the final delivery belt.

The final delivery belt can be installed either on the left or on the right side and deliver the items either to the front (back to the operator) or to the rear of the machine.

As the S.Towel is able to make two lateral folds and two cross folds, many different folding patterns are possible. For each item, a separate folding pattern can be programmed, making the machine the most flexible.

In comparison to folding equipments from other brands, the S.Towel has a minimum of moving parts and it is built from standard components.

How the folds are made:

The Primary (Lateral) folds:

The primary (lateral) folds are carried out by a pulsed airflow. Before the piece has completely entered the primary fold, the length is measured. Based upon the length, the program changes “on-the-fly”. The folding templates (two spreader bars) are automatically spread to the programmed position and the pulsed air folds the piece tightly around the templates. The primary fold is able to fold pieces up to 94″ long.

The Cross Folds:

The S.towel is equipped with two cross fold sections. Each cross fold is generated by reversing belts in combination with an air pulse. The result is a very precise and tight fold.
The cross fold sections can be programmed which allows for several “cross-fold-patterns”; even bypassing cross folds is possible.

Stacker Functionality:

After the folding, pieces are stacked on a dedicated stacker. As a standard, the S.towel is provided with 3-stacker stations. A 4th stacker station is an option, as well as a stacker with a different width.
Once the programmed piece count/ pile is reached, stack is pushed to the final delivery belt. 

Folder Synchronization:
In case two folders are put next to each other, each machine can be interconnected by the means of a master/slave configuration. Piles from both machines are put on to the same final delivery belt, allowing to conduct all piles towards a central conveyor belt, thus leading to a packing/ wrapping machine or  sorting area.

Folder Size:
The S.towel exists in two versions:

S.towel Air S, folding pieces up to 74″ long

S.towel Air L, folding pieces up to 94″ long

PLC – Online Support:

The S.towel has a PLC based control system. Operating the machine is done through an easy to use 7” color touchscreen. Thanks to the responsive touchscreen of high resolution, making and changing folding patterns becomes very easy. The control can be connected to the internet for worldwide online support.

Various Methods of Program Selection:

Selection of folding pattern recipes can be done by program number or by client. Selecting recipes and/or clients can be done by

a) Operator 

b) Barcode reader,

b) RFID reader or

c) Integrated in overhead bag system controls.

Production Data Storage:

The S.towel can store production data and buffer them in the machine. These data can be written into a central database for further processing or reporting. Integration of the S.towel with Smart conveyors is standard with the machine. Efficiency and productivity values can be shown on the optional large display S.pulse or viewed on a tablet or smartphone.

The S.towel serious is manufactured according to ISO 9001. 


The S.Towel Air is built very solid, which allows a three year warranty; please contact us for details.