Hubtex – Lifting Equipment

Below are a few examples of the Hubtex, available in the USA

Hubtex, warp beam lift, battery driven, SN 041386645

Hubtex sidelifter for beams, approx. 2200 lbs capacity, battery driven

Hubtex, Warpbeam lift, 5000 lb, 8ft from flange to flange, SN 93105

Hubtex, warp beam lift, 2650lb, Model KHHW-VREF 8ft from flange to flange

Hubtex, warp beam lift, Model KHHWIV, SN 45629, capacity 2,500 lb

Hubtex, 1995, 2960 lb capacity, 24VDC, warp beam lift


All of the equipment will be checked through and can be shown running to the customer, prior to shipping.

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Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors

Below is one of many Ingersoll or other Brands Air compressors.

We can offer various types, seizes and conditions, fit to your budget.

Please provide us with the requirements you may have.

Ingersoll Rand air compressor, Model OCV6M2, SN: M92-6448, CFM 625, PSI 125, V480

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Barudan Embroidery Machines

Barudan Embroidery Machines:

Location: USA

Inspection: Any time

Stauts: Stored in warehouse, complete, running condition

Features: Clean, including manual, complete, ideal for small businesses or home, can be sold sold as single items.

Barudan 55 Barudan 56 Barudan 57 Barudan 65 Barudan 74

1-Barudan Embroidery Machine, 15 Head, 7 Needle, Model MSME-YS-15-T, Serial 945950, Year 1994,

30 cap frames, 45 Hoops (various sizes)


1-Barudan Embroidery Machine, 2 head, 5 needle, Model 702-UF, Serial B88U-006, SMT Monogram

keyboard, FMC disc reader, hoops and frames.

Zimmer 24 colour Rotary Screen Printer / Great Condition/ USA

Location: USA

Status: Stopped, still installed,

Rigging: Can be supervised by Finatex.

Feature: Equipment has been well maintained, motivated seller.

Reference: 13814

Zimmer 24-Color Rotary Screen Printers, (1999); 50 Yards/Minute Average Operating Speed, 100 Yards/Minute Maximum Operating Speed, 112″W Fabric Capacity

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Length Hemmer


Cross Cutter with Stacker



Video Apparel Folding


Video Blanket – Terry Towel Folding

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