Software For The Textile Industry

RC-Soft Office Manager 1.3

Over the years, we have found there is a need for a software which is adaptable to each company and each environment. it is impossible for Standard Programs (shelf solutions) to handle each requirement a company may have. If an organization needs to run efficiently now and in the future, there is no other solution than to look for a software which can handle the ever changing needs.

… we are offering an easy and affordable solution!

Office Manager 1.3

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Together with RC-Soft, we have developed this software for the Textile Industry:

Our program is heavily administration focused, because we believe, a solid administration is the “backbone” of each organization.

Very unique is that this software can be adapted to your particular needs and environment.

This software already saved over 10,000 hrs at higher quality results 

with just one company which revealed its success!! 

… customers take our software and later tell us the changes they need to perfectly integrate into their organization. this way, companies do not have to design their organization around the software, but the software is designed around the tasks at hand. E.g. the labels and the descriptions can be more self-explanatory and avoid confusion or misinterpretation.

Office Manager 1.3 comes with following prerequisites/ features:


Admin Company Info * Contacts * Budget * Paperless data storage * Schedule Routines * Note Pads * Followup * Projects * Correspondence with automatic filing * Preferences for presetting re-occurring data in * Administration * Sales * Purchase *  Inventories * Scheduler * Schedule tasks from (Administration, Sales, Purchase, Inventories, Internet / Research) * E-mail * Mailout Phrases * Duplicate E-mail Prevention * Filter E-mails by category * Internet/ Research * Weblinks * Categories * Passwords & security questions * Categories * Keywords search tool * Notes * Purchase * Vendor info * Setup items * Notes/ Reminders * Projects * Letters/ documents * Automatic filing *Purchase Orders * Receiving Purchase Order/ Reconciliation * Sales Customer info * Specific Customer inquiries/ Filter option * Track of cross references and pending actions * Notes/ Reminders * Pojects * Letters/ e-mail text with automatic filing * Sales Orders * Export Functions: (Entire Database for future upgrades or Integration with other software, Vendor Export, Customer Export, Items Export, Weblink Export, E-mail Export) * Inventory/ Search  with  22 Filter functions for quick finding inventory items * Export functions for pre-filtered data * Reports Receivables (Sales, Payables, Purchase, other) * P&L * Budgets * Tax transactions * Inventory * Etc.


E.g. If you have a manufacturing, construction, or service oriented company, you may want to adapt the software to reflecting your operation, basically in a virtual world.

  • Receiving goods,
  • Inventories,
  • Production planning,
  • Entering data during the production,
  • Production quality control,
  • Statistics,
  • Specifications,
  • Price lists,
  • Production control documentation,
  • Cost analysis throughout each single production process,
  • Tracing the goods,
  • Quality controls,
  • Raw material inputs,
  • Warehouse locations,
  • Dispatch and shipping docs, labels, packing slips, certificates, etc.,
  • Manhours input and grouping them to the production processes,
  • Feedbacks,
  • Maintenance & schedules,
  • Depreciation schedules,
  • Production cost analysis/ machine/ division, etc.,
  • Productivity analysis,
  • Limited user access to certain areas in the network,
  • Endless reports,
  • Efficiency analysis,
  • Search for data, match, compare etc.,
  • Billing,
  • Invoicing,
  • Marketing,
  • Follow-ups,
  • Networking amongst many computers,
  • Linking to the internet,
  • … program down to the SAP-systems,
  • Producing data you can use for your financial programs to import or as a supplement for taxation,
  • … the list could continue for another few pages, but we stop here!

This unique possibility to adapt the software for your particular needs will save many times more in expenses than this software will cost!

We can provide you with some modules to start off with, we can program the complete system as you need it.

Office Manager 1.3 can be as efficient as you allow it to be, because the degree of automation depends almost only on the degree of programming you want to put into it.

There are free downloads and many tutorial videos to support.

You can call us for a free consultation, as well.