Finatex International is the US-Agent for Dekken Folding Machinery.

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Dekken USA. offers two basic types of Folding techniques:

A) Blanket & Towel Folding Equipment (e.g. Sheets, Towels, Bead Spreads, etc)

Click here for the Video: Blanket – Towel Folding

B) Apparel Folding Equipment (e.g. T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts, Under-Shirts, Tops, Singlets, Trousers, etc.)

Click here for the Video: Folding Aparel

       Click here for more: Album and videos for Folding Aparel

While the videos show common applications, the customer may present samples, based on which we design the ideal machine for that particular product portfolio. This ensures the highest quality, efficiency & flexibility.

Both machine types will automatically sort and stack based on pre-programmed parameters.

These lines can also be synchronized or used as “stand-alone” units.

This built-in flexibility allows the End-User to gradually automate the processes on an “as needed” base.

Fully Integrated Service

Machine Design * Installation * Training * Maintenance * Parts & Repairs * Additional Automation Needs * Guarantees


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