About Us

… in Business since 1985

We provide Technical Services & Automation Designs for the Textile Industry 

Our Background: 

Originally, Finatex International was established to repair and overhaul Dornier Weaving Equipment in the USA. As the international textile market changed and the demand shifted we broadened our services and product offerings; we evolved into a fully integrated Textile -Consulting firm with in-depth technical expertise in Weaving, Warping, Finishing, Twisting, Braiding, Texturizing & much more.

Our Expertise: 

With establishing “Strategic Alliances” in Europe and Asia, we now also offer services to the international market, especially North America & Europe.

Our Advantage: 

Our advantage is that we do not consult only our own brand, but most common textile brands. This will allow us to make neutral recommendations, with your interest in mind.

For the brands we do not have direct expertise, we team up with our “Strategic Alliances” and this way can offer a wide array of “turn-key” solutions.

 Our Integrated Services: 

The ever changing market requirements ask for a lot of flexibility from today’s modern production mills; equipment needs to be repaired, overhauled, upgraded or divested from. Other equipment may need to be acquired, new or used. At times, automation is required . In any event, we can help!

Finatex International has been established  as a fully integrated consulting firm with an immense wealth of contacts in the entire international textile industry.

  • Efficiency analysis and improvement
  • Equipment recommendations, sourcing, implementation and training
  • Automation
  • Data acquisition
  • Spare parts or Raw material sourcing

are only a few topics we can help with making your company more competitive.

We created our own Software: 

Together with RC-Soft we created a very unique software for the textile industry.

While the software comes as a basic database module for administration and marketing, the customer has the option to make design changes, allowing him to structure the software along his particular needs.

The program can be branched out into any direction such as

  • production planning
  • scheduling people
  • data acquisition
  • inventory control
  • quality assurance
  • and endlessly more!

Most changes or modifications can be implemented very quick.

With this new software creation, we stipulate our commitment to the textile industry and are looking into the future; efficiency of production does not end with machines, it is an all encompassing endeavor!

Click the link to read more about the software: Office Manager 1.3

General Services we provide for the Textile Industry 

Consulting * Used Textile Equipment (buy or sell) * Automation ” Parts * Raw Material * Dismantling/ Rigging * Logistics * Erection * Turn-Key Manufacturing Solutions * Manufacturing Efficiency Analysis * National and International business relations * Due Diligences * Acquisitions * Merger * Troubleshooting * Product Development * National and International Sales & Marketing Support * Purchasing * Budgeting * Planning * Controlling and much more!

Send us a quick e-mail to explain what you are looking for.

We appreciate your consideration very much!

The Finatex-Team

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