Dornier General Services

For Dornier weaving machines, we can offer following services:

a) Source on the International Market

We have an extensive network of agents who offer us Dornier looms on a regular base.

This normally also allows for a wider choice of machinery, close to your particular requirements.

b) Inspection

We have Technicians who can travel on your behalf and provide detailed inspection reports.

c) Dismantle & Ship

Our Technicians can ensure adequate dismantling & shipping.

d) Modifications

Based on customer specifications, we convert or modify the machines. This way, the customer is not limited to searching for machines with the exact specifications.

Additionally, our experienced Technicians have “on-hand” weaving experience which helps optimizing the choice of modification.

e) Installation

Our Installation Services are attractive for customers who are not familiar with this Brand.

e) Sample Runs

When it comes to running samples, experience with the many different machine settings are very important. With over 28 years experience in weaving, our Technicians can assist in running samples.

f) Training

For customers not familiar with this Brand or Machine model, we can offer to train.

Since our Technicians also have experience with Jacquard machines, the customer does not necessary ask e.g. Staubli or Bonas for support or training.

g) Process Optimization

Over time, the weaving requirements may change, more efficient components with higher quality output may be available or simply equipment modernization is necessary. It is always a great idea to monitor the production processes.

Many accessories, such as filling feeders, take-up systems, data acquisition, inspection etc are not manufactured or designed by Dornier, but by Third Parties. Contact us for more info!

h) Parts & Repair Services

Over time, wear & tear items may have to be replaced, the gearboxes or shedding motions need to be repaired; Finatex can help!