We offer reconditioning of Textile Machinery and Lifting Equipment.

The customer can send in Equipment for overhaul, or we can source suitable machinery on the international market to recondition per customer specification.

Per contractual agreement, we can also offer Manufacturer’s Guarantees.

Currently, we can offer reconditioning services for




Lifting Equipment.

Please contact us and find out if we can also apply our reconditioning services to Equipment you require.

The Drop Down Menu shows pictures of overhauled equipment.


Off Loom Take-ups & Inspection – Reconditioned

Often, it is underestimated how important the winding & inspection of the final product is; many yards of fabric have been classified as seconds, due to minor winding qualities. Therefore, investment and maintenance of “state of the art” equipment is recommended to lower the cost of seconds or waste. Below a few pictures of an …

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