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Note: Some offers have mixed years. We chose to put them in the older category. Therefore, some offers put in the older category may still contain newer models, fit to the newer category.


Airjet Dornier

Airjet Nissan

Airjet Picanol

Airjet Picanol, older than 1996

Airjet Picanol between 1996 & 1999

Airjet Picanol 2000 and newer

Airjet Somet

Airjet Toyota

Airjet Toyota 1999 and older

Airjet Toyota, 2000 and newer

Airjet Tsudakoma

Airjet Tsudakoma 1995 and older

Airjet Tsudakoma 1996 and newer

Airjet Vamatex


Note: The category Carpet weaving may contain jacquard, dobby shedding, airjet, rapier, projectile yarn transfer.

Dobby & Rapier

Dobby Dornier

Dobby Dornier 1995 and older

Dobby Dornier 1996 and new

Dobby Ishikawa

Dobby Ishikawa 1995 and older

Dobby Ishikawa 1996 and newer

Dobby Nuovo Pignone

Dobby Nuovo Pignone 1995 and older

Dobby Nuovo Pignone 1996 and newer

Dobby Panther

Dobby Panther 1995 and older

Dobby Panther 1996 and newer

Dobby Picanol

Dobby Picanol 1995 and older

Dobby Picanol 1996 and newer

Dobby Smit

Dobby Smit 1995 and older

Dobby Smit 1996 and newer

Dobby Somet

Dobby Somet 1995 and older

Dobby Somet 1996 and newer

Dobby Sulzer

Dobby Sulzer 1995 and older

Dobby Sulzer 1996 and newer

Dobby Vamatex

Dobby Vamatex 1995 and older

Dobby Vamatex 1996 and newer


Note: This category may contain projectile, airjet or rapier looms; Jacquard shedding has priority!

 Jacquard Dornier

Jacquard Dornier 1995 and older

Jacquard Dornier 1996 and newer

Jacquard Ishikawa

Jacquard Nuovo Pignone

Jacquard Panther

Jacquard Picanol

Jacquard Picanol 1995 and older

Jacquard Picanol 1996 and newer

Jacquard Smit

Jacquard Somet

Jacquard Somet 1995 and older

Jacquard Somet 1996 and newer

Jacquard Sulzer

Jacquard Sulzer 1995 and older

Jacquard Sulzer 1996 and newer

Jacquard Vamatex

Jacquard Vamatex 1995 and older

Jacquard Vamatex 1996 and newer


Note: The category Label may contain jacquard or dobby shedding & airjet, rapier, projectile yarn transfer. Label weaving has priority.


Projectile 1995 and older

Projectile 1996 and newer

Tape – Velvet – label – Carpet

Note: These categories can be made up from jacquard and dobby shedding, as well as any known yarn transfer such as airjet, rapier, projectile, etc.

Terry – Towel

Note: This category may contain airjet, rapier, projectile, jacquard. Towel shedding has priority.

Terry 1995 and older

Terry 1996 and newer


Note: If ithe waterjet machine has jacquard shedding, it could also be found in the jacquard section.



Direct Warper Up To 180 cm

Direct Warper Over 180 up to 220 cm

Direct Warper over 220 up to 300 cm

Direct Warper over 300 cm

Sample Warper 2000 and older

Sample Warper 2001 and newer

Sectional Warper up to 180 cm

Sectional Warper over 180 up to 220 cm

Sectional Warper over 220 up to 300 cm

Sectional Warper over 300 cm