Dornier GTV/ SD, 400 cm, prepared for weaving Glass 24 oz

This machine is currently setup to run fiberglass, 24 oz materials, plain weave.

This machine is still in production. So basically a plug&play condition. The gearboxes are in good condition.

  • YOC: 1981
  • Width: 400 cm (153″ reeded)
  • Staubli Dobby
  • Standard Eltex Stop motions
  • Prepared to run min. 115 pix/ minute
  • 4 Jack Capacity Min.
  • 4 Harness Frames
  • No drop wires
  • One color set-up
  • Pick clock, mechanical
  • 2 Carbon or Steel Profiles
  • Voltage: 480
  • Dummy Beam
  • Creel can be sold with the machine (optional)
  • Alexco off loom take-up
  • Cat walk
  • Cutters are mounted to cut off loom and can be easily re-positioned (minimal. air requirement for the cutters!)
  • Condition: In operation (installed and running)
  • We will finish some orders, the machine can be released by Mid June, 2017.
  • More pictures can be taken, videos of the machine in operation can be provided for serious customers.
  • Klocker Lenos available


20150316_104528 20150316_104553