Barudan Embroidery Machines

Barudan Embroidery Machines:

Location: USA

Inspection: Any time

Stauts: Stored in warehouse, complete, running condition

Features: Clean, including manual, complete, ideal for small businesses or home, can be sold sold as single items.

Barudan 55 Barudan 56 Barudan 57 Barudan 65 Barudan 74

1-Barudan Embroidery Machine, 15 Head, 7 Needle, Model MSME-YS-15-T, Serial 945950, Year 1994,

30 cap frames, 45 Hoops (various sizes)


1-Barudan Embroidery Machine, 2 head, 5 needle, Model 702-UF, Serial B88U-006, SMT Monogram

keyboard, FMC disc reader, hoops and frames.