Clark Forklift, 10,000 lb lift capacity, used in fair condition

Clark Forklift

Lift capacity: 10,000 lb

Manual: Available

Has three sticks on the right side.

Side shift

Length of forks: 65”

Mast height: 13ft 7 inch

Propane gas

YOC: We believe around 95, but not sure

Serial #: 70271U60229X

Engine: 2.0 L  Mitsubishi

Machine hours: Cannot tell, but moderate use

Owners: Min. one prior to us

Tires: Hard Rubber, outdoor

Condition: Fair

Note: Couple of pressure hoses changed

Brakes: Small leak, we can fix with a confirmed purchase

Reason to sell: We relocated into a building and needed a smaller, electric lift with a none-expandable mast.

Status: Still in operation for sporadic use, runs great. We have a small battery on it, but we will exchange for a larger battery for ease of starting the lift.

Asking Price: $10,000, but it is negotiable

Note: When pickup, you need to bring a dock height vehicle.

Dornier GTV/ SD, 400 cm, prepared for weaving Glass 24 oz

This machine is currently setup to run fiberglass, 24 oz materials, plain weave.

This machine is still in production. So basically a plug&play condition. The gearboxes are in good condition.

  • YOC: 1981
  • Width: 400 cm (153″ reeded)
  • Staubli Dobby
  • Standard Eltex Stop motions
  • Prepared to run min. 115 pix/ minute
  • 4 Jack Capacity Min.
  • 4 Harness Frames
  • No drop wires
  • One color set-up
  • Pick clock, mechanical
  • 2 Carbon or Steel Profiles
  • Voltage: 480
  • Dummy Beam
  • Creel can be sold with the machine (optional)
  • Alexco off loom take-up
  • Cat walk
  • Cutters are mounted to cut off loom and can be easily re-positioned (minimal. air requirement for the cutters!)
  • Condition: In operation (installed and running)
  • We will finish some orders, the machine can be released by Mid June, 2017.
  • More pictures can be taken, videos of the machine in operation can be provided for serious customers.
  • Klocker Lenos available


20150316_104528 20150316_104553



Fletcher Pirn Winder


10 Spindles
Winds bobbins for Giesse Chenille machines

Original price: 52,000 USD

Additional Info from the seller:

We were using this to convert fiberglass from wooden bobbins that were plied to plastic bobbins.

This will do several package builds and can be converted to run smaller bobbins on cardboard tubes.

I dont know whether  it will work with the shuttle looms; it depends what the end product is and whether the end user may want to convert, e.g. larger packages to smaller ones so that they run out all at the same time?

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Off Loom Take-Ups & Inspection

We offer to also recondition Off Loom Take-Ups and Inspection – Tables

Our inventories change over time, please request info for available Inspection Tables.

Please also let us know:

a) “Surface Winder” or “Center winder”

b) Min. width

c) Desired Fabric to process

d) Additional Accessories or “Gadgets”.

e) Voltage requirements

f) Min. weight capacity

g) other important info

Click here for more info on overhauled Off Loom Take-Ups & Inspection Tables

Click here to get to our PDF-Download


Hubtex – Lifting Equipment

Below are a few examples of the Hubtex, available in the USA

Hubtex, warp beam lift, battery driven, SN 041386645

Hubtex sidelifter for beams, approx. 2200 lbs capacity, battery driven

Hubtex, Warpbeam lift, 5000 lb, 8ft from flange to flange, SN 93105

Hubtex, warp beam lift, 2650lb, Model KHHW-VREF 8ft from flange to flange

Hubtex, warp beam lift, Model KHHWIV, SN 45629, capacity 2,500 lb

Hubtex, 1995, 2960 lb capacity, 24VDC, warp beam lift


All of the equipment will be checked through and can be shown running to the customer, prior to shipping.

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Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors

Below is one of many Ingersoll or other Brands Air compressors.

We can offer various types, seizes and conditions, fit to your budget.

Please provide us with the requirements you may have.

Ingersoll Rand air compressor, Model OCV6M2, SN: M92-6448, CFM 625, PSI 125, V480

DSC03409DSC03413 DSC03410 DSC03411 DSC03412




Video Apparel Folding


Video Blanket – Terry Towel Folding